Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sony Announces The Next Generation Of Handheld Computers

In a move that shocked precisely no one, Sony confirmed months of speculation by officially detect their next portable gaming console at an event press conference in Tokyo on Thursday.

Code-name system "NGP" Next Generation Portable packs loads of impressive technology, including two analog sticks, 5-inch OLED touch screen (a preliminary ruling on the iPhone screen is 3.5 inches), the touch pad behind the second device, and a new flash card media format.

Sony has announced that the scheme will be published by the end of 2011, but not a word that is a global day or only in Japan. No pricing details have been published.

To better compete in the long-term competitor to Nintendo soon-to-be-released 3DS system and Apple's huge NGP IOS devices also feature 3G and Wi-Fi cameras, front and rear, an electronic compass, and six-axis motion-sensing capacity. Yikes. Five-one, cut through a tin can!

NGP Sony has revealed some other features like a geolocation application that allows users to find nearby players and a user interface that includes social networking links for each game. The system has a new form factor and rounded (Sony calls it the "Super Oval design") and is physically a little larger than the current PSP-3000 model.

A lot of games first part NGP were released - including new titles Hot Shots Golf Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout, Killzone, and (bouh!) Uncharted franchise - as well as game publishers such as Capcom, Sega, Tecmo, Konami and Activision, which will be the success of Call of Duty franchise for the system.

Much of the focus of Sony presser foot control systems NGP varied. Besides the standard rate of play as a D-pad and shoulder buttons and face, the system is the first of its kind to include two analog sticks - a widely requested feature PSP fans. Motion Sensor control via the built-gyroscopes have also been shown, but perhaps most impressive is the double-touch interface. Touchpad on the back of the unit is located directly below the main touch screen, which allows innovative controls "pinch" using both simultaneously.

The unit is a serious step against Sony latest handheld, the PSP Go disappointing, which has done much to help them gain ground on Sony Nintendo DS online league points. However, sales slipped DS in recent months in anticipation of 3DS that produces 3D graphics without using special glasses.

While Sony has not announced a PSP compatible phone (as many had expected), it took time to reveal Playstation Suite, a multi-sdrvice platform that will make Nintendo games available on Android phones, and tablets.