Sunday, January 16, 2011


Tight Jeans

 I think someone sneaky
crept in at dead of night,
swapping my jeans
for ones just
a little
too tight,
I can get them on
there’s no doubt about that
BUT they seem so uncomfy
and make me feel fat.

Tight JeansIf I look sideways in the mirror
and then inhale deeply
they don’t look so bad,
in fact
they fit
quite sweetly,
but I can’t
hold my breath
for more than a few
or two,
and I’d rather be alive
than just look thinner, wouldn’t you?

Tight Jeans

I’ve come to the conclusion
I might have gained weight,
I think it’s the fault
of all the tasty
things I ate,
why oh why
didn’t that sneaky
person think twice
and swap my body for one smaller,
now wouldn’t that’ve been nice!!

LadyP © 2011