Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is there anything sweeter....

than a child happy to see you?
I was waiting in the pickup line at school yesterday;  I saw Hunter before she saw me.  When she did, her
face lit up and she ran to the car.

In that particular instant, I was reminded in a flash;
my daughter at that age, my granddaughter, grandson, now my great granddaughter.  For me, these are the real blessings in life.

As we drove away, I asked Hunter what she'd like to do:
"Let's go somewhere to relax in private, just me and you together."  Well, we ended up riding the trolley through St. Augustine, not really private but relaxing and we enjoyed every moment.  Here are a few scenes:
The four hundred year old oak.
And now,
a tired little girl giving one last toot on the whistle.