Thursday, February 23, 2012

4Gs (Gray, Gloomy, Gusty & Girls)

I was wondering if I’d get my walk in at all today after we had another shift in the weather.  The sun has been fighting with the cold fronts passing through for a couple days now.  The one thing that is really awesome is the way the lighting is right now…I’m not an expert mind you but I like how it looks.  No matter what…I will always love this view!  I mentioned the colors of the day but now to see why girls were a part of the blog title today.  A friend of ours had twins and we got to visit them today!  The twins were born naturally and have done well all in all.  This is the larger of the two…she was sleeping quite soundly!  She hardly fit in her cute little outfit!  Gabby wanted to know when they could play!  Just look at the wonderful little hats that one of the nurses at the hospital makes!  Here they are together!  They say two heads are better than one!  Mike got to hold one of them…Gabby thinks it’s a pretty serious matter!  It was time to head home again and let the family enjoy their new addition…and the scenery outside was calling to me again.  The wind was really frigid but the clouds in the fronts passing by were really fun to see.  These cumulonimbus clouds are another reminder of spring’s approach.  Reaching the halfway point of my walk I really liked the break in the clouds with this sign in the foreground…seems like it’s saying:  we’re heading towards a breakthrough!  The fronts were rolling in and out over the plains all the way as I returned home.  The sun continued its brave battle with the gloom.  It seemed that it exhausted its heat with this fight but still shown so very brightly that it encouraged me.  Here is the my final and best view of the prairie before reaching home…it is always a glorious sight!  I pray that this blog finds you blessed, thanks for visiting!