Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do you mind if I whine?

I'll share the wine.

I've done some stupid things in my life.  Like the time I'd stopped at the store, fell  out of the car with my butt on the pavement and feet still in the driver's seat; with my daughter, then tiny, screeching "whar's my ice cream?"

Or, the time I was coming out of B*ger K*ng (after getting ketchup I'd forgotten in those little cups for my then little brother) losing a flip flop and going down on my knees; with the ketchup all over my face in front of God and everyone, then my bro asking "where's the ketchup?"

Or, the time I was walking out of a restaurant and stepped off the curb leaving my butt in the air & face planting on the pavement.

But, none of those things left me in too much pain, mostly embarrassed and I could laugh after it was over.

Sunday, playing with Hunter; I was sitting on the floor with her trying to help her find a crayon that had rolled under the cedar chest.  I went down sideways trying to get a better view under there, and fell hard on my elbow.  I heard two pops.  Yesterday, I went to my doc, and YEP two fractured ribs.  At least this time, no one saw me except Hunter. But, I will say even with pain pills, I couldn't sleep last night; every time I moved, it hurt like HECK!  So, that's my whine for today.
Now, with it being leap year my friend Emmy Lou and I went out to find us some dudes to propose to.  We got dressed up for the occasion!  I don't understand what happened, do you?
Have a great day,
and I'll try to keep my whining to a minimum!