Sunday, January 1, 2012

IBallz for Tablets

iBallz are innovative gadgets consists four shock-absorbing rubber balls that protect the iPad and other tablet devices from spills, sticky surfaces and the inevitable drop. The balls can be orientated to provide the perfect tilted typing position or to hang the device vertically, for example from the back of an airplane or car seat. Perfect for professionals, students, parents, children and anyone looking to protect their expensive tablet.iBallz are available in both Black and Blue.iBallz Features4 x Soft, shock-absorbing balls that fit over Tablet corners'One size fits all' design works for most Tablet-style devices that are the same approximate thickness as the iPad and Xoom (e.g. iBallz do not fit on the Samsung Galaxy and HP Slate as they are too thick)Adjustable cord allowing size adjustments for multiple Tablet brands including Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and moreRemove one ball and orientate behind the Tablet for the perfect typing positionAbsorbs shocks and stress from dropping the Tablet, just one drop pays for the iBallzAdds additional options to handle and position the TabletWarning: Tablets are fragile devices. We do not recommend dropping your iPad to test or using in any way other than intended by manufacturer. We offer no warranty against damage to your device. iBallz is not a toy.iBallz Original innovative gadgets will fit and protect the iPad 2 but the balls will cover the 'back' camera. For use of the 'back' camera, one ball is required to be moved to the side.