Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gabrielle Faith Cutler…My Angel

I got down to blogging today finally but already after running errands the sun is only kissing the tops of the trees.  I like to have a bunch of pictures to share but today I really didn’t have time to get around to it.  My favorite view is from our backyard out to the endless prairie and distant mountains but today the wind is high…still after a couple days now.  No snow either and with the sun dipping down it was too chilly for me to relish my view here as I usually do.  You should see it in the spring and summer.  It’s an endless grassy sea with waves stirred by the winds that can really move off of the mountains.  Ducks and geese grace our little pond and it’s really enjoyable.  Sometimes there’s deer or antelope and pheasants, sand hill cranes or blue heron…it’s really the epitome of peace.  Today it’s brown and dead and very windy.  It looks like year’s end out there…and it feels like it.  We took our trees down and most decorations are done being put in their boxes.  I will go take down the nutcracker army as soon as I’m done typing this.  It’s time to move on to a fresh new year.  I can feel it coming on.


I taught the last church service of the year and we sang an early happy birthday to Gabby.  The New Year never meant that much to me…one year rolled into another and moved on without much going on.  I’m not a partier and so it was often a night much like any other.  Gabby’s birth heralded a change in things.  Now after Christmas we greet the New Year with her birthday ever reminding us of just how much God has blessed us.  She’s the baby that wasn’t supposed to happen after we lost a baby yet in spite of what they said couldn’t happen here she is…the cap on our little party of five.  The pain of our lost baby was comforted by this precious little girl whom we all love so dearly.  She’s a little firecracker…always a spark that brightens things up.  Already the youngest one of us all to have travelled abroad and seen so many things.  I thank God so much for her life…I’m so very proud of her!  We’ll be celebrating over a couple days for her…that’s how it worked out.  She will certainly know that we love her to pieces!