Thursday, January 19, 2012

White World

Wow, winter hit us with a vengeance!  I knew it was likely going to hit when the winter storm warning came up but what was strange was the warning extended from Wednesday until Friday…can’t say I’ve seen that with a warning…maybe an advisory but this is a warning!  I’ve been walking again which has been a real blessing.  I have had some trouble with a bone spur in my right heel that has bothered me since Ireland.  I suspect walking there with shoes that weren’t the best really aggravated the situation and I’ve been in agony off and on ever since.  Lately I have had the pain really ease off so I headed out and it’s been great…enter the new storm we have now.  I wanted to get my walk in before things got really bad so I donned my winter gear(like my webcam pic?…ugh.)  Before going too far I thought I’d take my standard picture of our little niche right outside our back door.  I call that snow that forms on the little table a “snow cake” and here it’s more like a pancake but wait until you see the next one of this table I have.  The steps up just had a light dusting of snow at this point.  Old Man Winter’s chair had only been sat in by Jack Frost so far.  The deck steps were beginning to be treacherous.  I have a stone that I like to stand on to take pictures beyond the fence…it was looking more like a white cap on the lake then a rock now.  I don’t think that we’ll be needing the air conditioner for a while…what do you think?  Once again a look at some of my favorite scenery.  I think that before it’s all over I’ll miss so much the song of Western Meadowlarks that usually resonate from this area.  Well, onward and upward!  I started to walk with the wind beginning to really pick up.  The temperatures were dropping fast and the drifting was starting but I thought I’d keep going since I’d come pretty far already.  For once the golf course I pass by is devoid of golfers that are always there.  You can tell you’re really about to get it when the view is limited by a white haze heading your way.  I was very pleasantly surprised to run across a small group of antelope who were feeding as though they knew all too well what was coming.  Their feeding frenzy was little abated by my approach.  I was astounded at how close they were letting me come to thembut all good things come to and end and this was no exception as they finally began to move on.  I was really beginning to feel the wind now and there was a long and wintery road ahead.  Plodding along at this point I paused to see the beauty of the new frosted covering on the evergreens and marveled at the sight.  Near the half way point of my route I see a lamp post and it made me think of the lamp post in “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”.  It’s amazing how even in the beginning of this storm the sun still tries to break through with its heatless glare.  The lower to the ground pine bushes were getting a real dusting of snow at this point.  Now I was almost home and after kicking through snow drifts and having the wind rip me with temperatures below zero I was ready to be home…still, this is a beautiful scene…cold or not


These shots are after the first part of this big storm dropped around 10 inches on us and still it’s below zero with more snow on the way…this is right out our front door.  This is no longer a dusting of snow folks!  It’s snow and cold like this that shows me the wisdom of hybernation!  The deck is well covered and likely will get more so before this thing is all over.  I’m glad we have a new fangled material fence rather than a wood one or I expect it would be pretty weathered come spring.  The barbecue may have to be put on hold for a day or two.  Jack Frost is now leaving the chair to Old Man Winter don’t you think?  The winter pancake on the table is now a full blown winter wedding cake!  The prairie is no longer doubting what season it isand I have to say…the sun may be trying to shinebut I well remember the endless sapphire sky before this whole thing started too.