Sunday, January 1, 2012

Innovative Music Radio - USB FM Transmitter

My Music Radio is an innovative gadget USB device which allows you to broadcast the Music from your PC to FM Radios within your home or office – completely wirelessly.Play Music from any of your PC based playlists such as iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, mediaplayer and all others direct to your Home Entertainment System or RadioWatch Movies with the sound playing through any radio receiving home entertainment system (via FM tuning).Play internet radio directly with pre-installed 20,000 stations from around the world, direct to your Stereo Systems (via FM tuning).innovative gadget Music Radio Features:Software auto-runs - no installation necessary.USB Audio Device with high quality FM Transmitter.Auto Scan.Broadcast distance: Indoor 5-8M within same area.Supports FM Radio Mono and Stereo.Supports Radio frequency USA/Europe/Taiwan: 88-108MHz.Supports over 20,000 radio stationsSupports station search and favourite collectionsSelect popular stations from different regions and genre.