Monday, January 30, 2012

Fish scale house and old postcards from l905-1925

As you can see, this is supposedly the only "fish scale house" in the world.  This house in St. Augustine (l905 photo) was built by Albert B. Smith and covered in fish scales.  No one is certain what became of the house; some claim it was moved to St. Louis for the World's Fair.  Others claim it was demolished. This photo was  made into a postcard.
You can find the article here, if you're interested:
After reading this, I viewed other
postcards from 1905-1925:
I have a postcard that was mailed to me around 1969 sent by my daughter when she was on a trip to Key West with my parents:
"Wish you were her.  We had a delicus lobster diner"
Have a wonderful day!