Thursday, December 8, 2011

About 2 Inches

We finally got some more snow…not enough to sniff at if you ask me and I’m fine with that.  I wish the forecast for our music group were better.  We finally had to cancel the concerts for the rest of the year.  I know God is in control of all of it but it still feels especially strange since we started it already.  Other miscellaneous things:  how many of you are using File Den to post your songs?  Have you noticed the site has been down for maintenance for a week now?  It sucks not being able to use that.  I’m curious since we’re being random here…for those of you that use the word verification before you can comment…why do that?  I’ve never had spam here have you?  Is that why you require it?  I frankly hate having to type some annoying word before leaving a comment and have turned the feature off and guess what?  No negative effects and people can post their comments easier…wish I could get everyone to do that…all right enough of that onward and upward!


We were able to visit the store where Lovely works the first day they put up their decorations.  It was a great way to begin to feel the Christmas spirit  They have such nice things in the storeand the owners have been very good to us…love you guys!  If I were rich I’d have them decorate the house for ussince I have no doubt they’d do a much better job then I ever could.  Just look at these tiny stockings over this fireplace.  Lovely created the banners in the background here.  I think I’ll take a hint from this sign!  These little boxes are so cool.  They actually open up and there’s two tiny angels inside.  There’s a vintage feel to the store that reminds me of things you’d see in a Norman Rockwell painting.  This is actually soap…is that cool or what?  This soap smells good enough to eat!  Yeah, this is definitely the way to get into the spirit!  These are really nice holiday plates.  Everywhere you look there are wonderful little touches that usher in the the Christmas spirit.  Stores like this are a real treasure.  How about a little festive popcorn with the first class apple cider?  Yes, this is making my season a lot more jolly!  I could spend a long time walking in the store enjoying the touches that make it so special.  Some say the season is all about commercialism but I say the season is what you make it to be.  We didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a good day herenor did we have to face the madness of Black Friday to have some peace on earth.  It was just our family in a wonderful little store in Montanabut that was enough for me to feel such a love for what matters most.  I think everyone in my life has a little Santa in thembecause they each bring something into my life that I could never have without them!