Thursday, December 22, 2011

Walmart then Skating

Well, it’s been a fairly full day of running already.  I wasn’t really sure if I’d get to post at all today but I’m making a real effort…ain’t ya proud of me?  It was crazy out there today with people jamming every store there was so this also increased traffic making it all slow going but I think…I think we’re done and ready for Christmas.  We were very blessed by a bunch of tickets to a big ice skating show and even got one for my mom who loves skating.  This should be a real treat and a blessing for us all.  Our snow storm didn’t happen at all but it did head over to Red Lodge and give them a lot of snow I heard.  Crazy weather.  I know I means for a horrible winter…I can feel it in my bones…if it’s been wimpy up to this point just wait…it will show us who’s boss before spring comes back and I am not excited about that at all.  I’d rather go white for Christmas and have it be milder but Santa didn’t put that in my stocking this year I guess. 

I thought I’d share a few pictures of our trees…yes, trees.  We have two downstairs…minus the one in my son’s room and our main one upstairs.  We’re a family of two girls so there’s some nod to the female persuasion around here.  Lovely made a bunch of little banners and hung them on one of our trees.  I think it’s really quite beautiful.  Our Christmas village ended up under the trees downstairs and I actually like how that looks…it actually has things that move…thus the blur.  Look our fake village sells fake trees!  I think it looks like a magical little village under our two big trees downstairs…it’s like a Christmas village in a giant red wood forest.  I have always loved Christmas lights and how it looks when all the other lights are off.  Both the downstairs trees are white and have mostly tiny ornaments on them.  Upstairs let me introduce you to some of our nutcracker army.  This one has a distinctive Asian flare…I believe the camel and the elephant behind him are actually from Africa…we brought them home over the years as we went back and forth.  It appears there’s a fireman on the scene with the giraffe…not sure why.  I just love this stuff…my mom has great taste!  Here stands the upstairs tree!  This is the view from the kitchen.  I just love the LED lights!  From all of us to all of you:  Merry Christmas!