Thursday, September 1, 2011

Walking to Callingford

I have always really enjoyed walking in new places.  Ireland didn’t really offer that as much when we stayed in Dublin but our little house that we stayed in this time offered little roads that were an absolute joy to walk on.  I particularly loved the wonderful flowers along the path to Callingford.  The frequent rain made things very healthy but it also made us appreciate when the sun broke through and shined brightly on us…I think that the butterflies agreed with us.  I would think that butterflies seldom got to fly with all the rain.  We walked for some distance and came upon this delightful scene.  I loved the countryside and quaint sculptures that sometimes graced the gates.  Gabby felt that she was in heaving seeing horses like thisand they really were enjoyable to see.  Both horses and sheep seemed to have little ones about so that was a real treat.  We were pleasantly surprised to find an old church alongside the road.  This is the country for old structures and the matchless beauty of the Irish countryside.  I really like taking pictures of doors, the front of this church was closed up tight.  I wish I could have seen the sun shining through these windows from the inside.  The old bell gets some modern help to be heard.  The roads say you should drive carefullybut some people drove down them very quickly and there were no sidewalks so you had to be very careful.  Not surprisingly mushrooms abound if you’re willing to look for them.  Now we come to a close with the Ireland pictures that I have.  Use care on the road of life that you find yourselffor sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train coming your way!  Faith is the most precious thing we can ever have and the best defense of faith is investing it where ever you can.  Faith derails those freight trains that would otherwise bring ruin to you.  I can testify of that for sure.