Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Power of Perspective

One thing that I have always enjoyed about photography is the way you can alter how things look just by changing the position of the camera.  Sometimes Lovely and I can look pretty comical positioning ourselves for a shot that shows something common in a different light than usual.  Sometimes I like to just make a picture look sort of half an halfother times I like to make something as simple as sage brush look like a forest.  Sometimes I find that this leads me to an angle I fancy for other things and I get sort of a theme going for awhile.  Mostly I feel I’m sort of an photographic accident looking for a place to happen.  I take a picture and quite by accident I find that I just like something about it.  This is something I really enjoy actually because I feel it has a lot more to do with me stumbling on a secret that God has been working on.  I noticed a lot of purple in the fields this year…not sure if this was new or that I didn’t notice it quit as much as before last time we were here.  Looking down the road we often walked at different times of day really opened up new light situations.  I rarely feel I can accurately capture the lighting of the moment but these I’m well pleased within fact I’m thinking perhaps fall doesn’t have a monopoly on golden light at sunset after all.  Sometimes taking pictures of wildflowers can lead to unexpected finds…notice the little white spider here.  We found these spiders in various colors as we walked…I think they’re quite amazing.  Staying in a cabin means that when the storms of the afternoon rolled in we could enjoy it and not worry about how strong they would be.  I was amazed to see how much snow was in the mountains still.  This is why I don’t feel too thrilled to see fall rolling around again.  Our winter was truly long and brutal last season.  Some flowers seem to be made to pose for a picture.  These are the times that I hope the kids will remember all their lives.  There were cicadas aplenty during our stay…they are not like the ones I remember when we lived in Oklahoma.  Looking at these things makes the troubles of the day melt away…it’s not just pictures that sometimes need a change of perspective to become extraordinary…life often needs a change in this regard too.  Seeing through they eyes of faith really does change everything.  Many times when I’d walk and was feeling low just looking up at the endless blue sky would lift my spirits.  Look up my friends…the challenges of today will be the victories of tomorrow if we don’t give up.  Faith changes the whole equation.