Thursday, September 1, 2011

Portrait Of A Canada Goose





IMG_0967 Canada Goose




I took this photo back in July of this year. I was out for a walk along the water front trail, and I came across some Canada Geese. This one got my attention and I was close enough that I could have touch him. I would never attempt to do that. I have a great admiration, and respect for these Beautiful Water Fowl.  There are those who don’t share my love for these birds and think they are a nuisance. I understand their reasons but I don’t share their view.  I wonder if sometimes Canada Geese think we are a nuisance and get in their way. :) Just a thought! I really think this planet is big enough for all of us to share, and show each other a little Grace.




IMG_1449 V


I love watching and listening to the geese as they fly in formation this time of year, as they prepare to fly south for the winter. They haven’t left yet, but they are practicing and training their young ones for the journey ahead.

Yes, there is a change in the air as we also prepare for a new season that is on our doorstep. We have a few more days of summer so enjoy them, and for all those who are looking forward to the long weekend, Have a good one.

Happy September one and all.

Love and Care

Dianne :)