Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to the Stillwater

It honestly feels strange leaving the series I’ve been doing on Ireland.  I never am sure how many pictures I’ll be putting up for each blog and so I was a bit surprised at how long that series ran.  The next series is on the first cabin we went to this year for the summer.  The season’s change is in the air so it seems a bit strange to bring these out too but at the same time it brings good memories so I don’t mind.  We have been to this cabin before so it’s a bit like seeing and old friend again when we walk past the fence to the cabin.  I think that I’ve inherited my grandpa’s fondness for wild flowers, especially blue bells.  Even the weeds out here are a tougher variety than what the city has.  My grandmother used to love to put flowers in a press and preserve them but nature did a fine job on her own here.  These yellow flowers reminded me of the ones on the hedgerows of Ireland.  Sometimes the greatest challenge is to choose which road to travel.  Not every wonderful view has a path to it but it’s fine to enjoy it from afar.  I like both the far away view and the close up…both have their place in God’s creation.  There are times when I am very glad to be in a cabin…this was one of those times.  The Custer National Forest remains one of my all time favorite places.  Some of the names of these places are from a different time for sure.  The view from the cabin fence is spectacular.  This is actually one of my favorite pictures.  Sights like this make me wish we still owned land up here like we did back in the day.  Then again we can rent this cabin and not have the disputes over how much everyone has to pay for bridge repairs and other such things.  Seeing this makes me wonder how I could ever live anywhere but Montana.  We did get some rain while up there…I always like the look of the cracked mud on the road.  Learn a lesson from the butterflies.  They don’t live very long but they seem to relish the time that they have.  I think that watching these two made me appreciate the time I have with those I love so much.  I’ve got a lot to do today so I must end this here.  I have not had an easy week but am not prepared to get into that right now.  For now I will heed the butterflies and live this moment the best that I can.