Monday, December 6, 2010

TSA naked X-Ray scanner

If you have given the reality of solipsism bubble invasion at all in recent weeks, you're probably aware that there have been a little controversy TSA roll-out of the scan, which can see through your clothes and airports in the country .. . and maybe you've even wondered if your strong structure were caught gratifying himself.

A hacker named Jeri Ellsworth pretty concerned as well, then, has built its own version of a TSA scanner simply changing a satellite dish. Reverse the operation of key elements, was able to modify the table of horn LNB three in order to penetrate a layer of drywall, even to see what's underneath.

Not as good as a machine for the TSA, of course, federal spending more than $ 150,000 each in the machine, and due to the somewhat dull nature of the original documents, Ellsworth machine version brings in images X- Ray naked to a lower resolution can be strongly expected, especially for its use of a wavelength wide.

Yet, I am excited about this DIY project. What better way to welcome friends and relatives at home this Christmas, like the bombing of the radiation entering the door, then to see what they look like naked to the monitor. If they refuse, then the mistletoe is a lintel, and is itself invasive groping.