Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NEC To Introduce Dual Screen Tablet At CES Lifetouch Android

NEC is set to reveal their 7 "dual screen tablet at the next CES in Las Vegas. Apparently, the unit will be based on the slate of the touch screen LifeBook house, which was unveiled in Tokyo last month. What Interestingly, the tablet design with exhibitions of his artwork SlashGear dual-screen action, it looks surprisingly like a Nintendo DS (but with a bigger screen).

Of course, this is just a model, but we should know more about the device, when the company announced the creation of next month. Spec wise the film is said to function 7 "dual-screen, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity.

Corresponding to the DSi, touch base life to display different information on each screen simultaneously, but the reports do not dig deeper than that, then there is no news on the screen technology is resistive or capacitive. Regarding OS, we can only assume it will have an Android 2.2, with a quick way to Android 3 (honeycomb), told the true tablet OS platform.