Monday, December 13, 2010

Chameleon X-1

As a lover and user of Apple computers, I always have a cheap, USB laser mouse handy for gaming, because let’s face it, the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad  of FPS games suck or real-time strategy. Similarly, whenever I have a USB gamepad handy for MAME and the like.

This whole mess, if! All these sinuous cords! That's why I'm shaking just by clicking the command button on the sexy mouse . Chameleon X-1, which also has a full gamepad on the underbelly.COol

We're not quite sure how they managed to do it honestly. sensitive laser mouse does not leave much room for protruding knobs and buttons. However, it is above, looking just as beautiful as the PlayStation DualShock, with two separate analog sticks, four face buttons, two shoulder, and then click the Start button, the D-pad and buttons a couple of turbo.

It looks great, even though the ergonomics of this device is likely to believe: I think I have a gamepad, that would be a good twenty minutes of emulated Mario but not the 10 hours of Ocarina of Time run.

The X-1 Chameleon is $ 55 when released, but is from Hong Kong, and the availability of the state side is yet to be determined. Heck, I.ll buy one, so I hope it is sooner rather than later.