Friday, December 10, 2010

TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

TikTok and Lunatik simply change the iPod Nano will be the coolest multi-touch watches in the world. The idea of using nanotechnology to see how it was obvious from the product have been notified. But we wanted to create a collection that was well planned, designed and built with quality materials and complete the sound quality of Apple products. Not just clipped on a cheap strap as an afterthought. We wanted to create a product that your friends and strangers that you stop and ask "WTF is this???? And where can I get one?!"

TikTok is a simple snap-in design. It allows a user to easily and securely snap into the dock wrist Nano. It is purely and simply integrates Nano and convert it into a timepiece modern multi-function.

Lunatik has been designed and conceived as a premium conversion kit for someone who wants to spend their Nano to be a show piece and the most recent conversation with friends. What is forged aircraft grade aluminum and CNC through its final form.

The straps are high quality silicone rubber and hardware is solid stainless steel chrome plated brass is sure to disappear. The quality of these watch cases and straps are carefully considered and produced in the same factories that produce the best watches for companies like Nixon, Diesel, Vestal, and Nike.

So many people see companies are struggling to make a multi-color touch screen displays to date. This is no easy task. The Nano is itself an engineering marvel. Multi-touch color screen, long battery life, MP3 radio, photos, pedometer, Nike + and the clock in an incredibly small package. Like Apple reinvents the phone was to make this possible. clock mode and the battery lasts Nano at least one week before recharging. We are delighted to contribute to the realization effort when going to a show that everyone can enjoy.

So here's where you come in designing our products, minimal, and day and day-out for big brands. But like most designers dream is to eventually make their products. But the financial, lanufacturing and distributing a new product is another story. Kick Starter is a great way for us to implement many ideas that we have a small studio, we know that people love, but large firms do not dare to do. We like to make things interesting without the big company politics and indecision. We believe that the new power of communities and individuals to bring ideas to life, and we hope that this is just the beginning. Author of the donors of at least $ 25 you can pre-order or TikTok or committing $ 50 advance subscribe Lunatik and help make our opinion, a very cool iPod a reality.

And if you promise a Limited Edition at the level you get a red anodized versions Backer.

We hope you are inspired and excited by the idea and chooses to support the project. Whatever you spread the word and share them with your friends. All have at least one friend who is a watch geek.

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