Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Oh whoa nelly.  It HAD to be done so I went out and did it.  What?  Weeding.  Those weeds were just choking the flower beds running along the front of the house.

I went out to eat with my colleagues and when I got was just about high noon. I saw the weeds and just came in the house..made a tiny pony tail (shorter hair now) and tied a bandanna around my forehead (it was VERY sunny and hot) put on knee pads and headed out with my tall kitchen garbage can, the garden fork and my leather gloves.  Oh. my. goodness.  I pulled weeds till I really did cause my broken wrist that has healed of course, to protest.  I decided to use my right arm the way I would have had I not broken it.  It's a little swollen and hurts a bit but hey, it has to cope.  I worked out there for over an hour and gave up after emptying that can two times.  I will do the upper flower bed (oh, my back) in a few days. It is choked fully with weeds. I spread the Preen and it worked last year so it will work again.

I went to the garden section of a store late in the afternoon and bought a tomato plant and a sweet red bell pepper plant as well.  Just one each..container planting again.  It has been VERY successful for me for several years now.  Tomato is in the dirt but I ran out of soil and will have to go get some tomorrow for the pepper.  I was supposed to work out today but I will assume the weeding about fulfilled the obligation.

Whew.  Back is stiff but otherwise OK.  My knees suffered a lot  despite the knee pads as they were so gravely injured last June.  They have not fully recovered.  I went out taking photos day before yesterday and kneeling around on the ground and getting up so many times did a bad number on my knees.  I will have to find something to help me up so I don't have to use my left knee (worst one) as a push-up help.  Other knee is almost as bad so really, I need to guard both.  Hard to get on the ground and take photos when your knees are messed up.  :-(