Friday, June 17, 2011

A Trip to Callingford

I can hardly believe that I let a day go by and didn’t realize until it was bed time that I’d forgotten to post!  Wow, I let down my adoring public…all three or four of them!  LOL!  I finally got my new guitar and played it for the first time on Wednesday.  That was real treat.  That thing shines on the melodies and is a real joy to play.  Playing a new guitar can be a bit like driving a new car.  You know how to do what you need to do but it feels different.  This guitar is an absolute joy to play all the way around, I love it and man is it beautiful!  If you want to have a look at it you can go here:  Be sure to enlarge the picture to get the best look.  The guy who designed it is guitarist now of Guns ‘n Roses and also Sixx A.M. and I’ve always loved his style.  Ovations rule, I just have to say this and to get a custom guitar like this from them is an exquisite treat.  A dear friend who traveled with us to Ireland bought this for me and I am so very grateful.  My guitar before was damaged and really needed to be retired and now that can happen.


Well, back to Ireland!  One of the nicest day trips we had was to the little village of Callingford.  This place has some of the best examples of old architecture in an actual functioning town that I can think of.  We explored King John’s castle and really enjoyed every moment of it.  I enjoy castles no matter what their condition.  This town is what I always imagined Ireland to be.  The threat of rain is ever present and the storms were unusually bad when we were there but sometimes the threat never materialized and left a mysterious fog on the hills.  Somehow shots like this remind me of something that you’d see in an old Spanish fortbut it was far to wet for anything Spanish I think.  Again I think of a prison with this somehow but I’m not sure that’s what it used to be.  Perhaps it’s my experience in travel that kept forcefully reminding me of other places.  This looked like something I could well imagine in India.  Some intriguing old world designs on this window frame.  Can’t you imagine a knight tying his horse to this?  Pastor Sakey was kind enough to be our guide and one of our drivers.  I see my five year old daughter standing in Ireland and I know I’m so very blessed to have her with me!  Ade (our friend and other driver) walks through this ancient archway with our dear friend RD.  Old European style always inspires my camera to click away!  The next photos are of a subject matter I’ve always wanted to capture on film…call me morbid but I always wanted to cover old graveyards…we found just that!  Tune in next time for the continued adventures…