Thursday, June 30, 2011

If You Knock the Door Will Open

There’s a lot of ways a person can look at a door.  Sometimes we can look at it like a bared way that we can never pass.  Sometimes we can walk right by and ever wonder what lies behind it.  Ireland had a lot to see but we didn’t enter in the door of many of the places we saw.  Some places were actually a ruin but were still closed to the public.  The times I treasured most were the ones that found us actually entering into a door to find what was beyond.  Bars and gates can only hold you back if you don’t realize where the open door lies.  Locks can only intimidate when you don’t have a key.  Historically these walls served to protect  and provide shelter to its residentsbut I felt no intimidation from these walls because in this era it was simply a relic of times past that couldn’t restrict me or hold me in.  Now it was a place we could wander freely and even have some fun.  I found myself drawn to the windows in this place and the freedom that lay beyond.  I’m sure that back in the day this place was a tremendous strongholdbut now most walls were showing their age and the windows were no longer bared.  There were no hidden bowmen or boiling oil awaiting the charge of an army full of knights.  The way is open and clear.  Its amazing how simply turning around you can see how dark and foreboding this place can appearyet all you have to do is turn around and you can see how easy it is to escape.  Outside there was no shadow of turning and the rare sunlight was shinning brightly.  Now the ramparts lie still and quiet.  Beyond lies the green grass and freedom.  I hear the echoes of a deep spiritual meaning here and I hear the whisper of God’s voice beckoning to take His hand and depart the walls of frustration.  The place where my faith has struggled like a tiny plant in a cold grey wallis now a place that I am free to leave.  Now hope springs up eternaland it’s time to come up again yet higher.