Monday, November 29, 2010

TuneLink Auto

New Potato Technologies, an innovator and developer of the iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories, today announced the launch of TuneLink Auto for iPhone, iPod touch and IPAD.

The Auto TuneLink [app] cessory to the audio in the vehicle provides a wireless link between the user and the IOS device vehicle's audio system. TuneLink is universal, operating in FM or direct connection with the car auxiliary (AUX) input.

TuneLink users can experience the music through your car speakers without the hassle of wired connections, while an all-in-one car audio. Incorporating best-of-class Bluetooth transceiver, an FM transmitter, and rapidly evolved in the payment isolated USB charging TuneLink brings true innovation in digital audio accessory market is full of clumsy construction, solutions for wired, and a transmitter dongle-based FM low efficiency.

TuneLink device is controlled by a free application downloadable from the iTunes App Store. Once the application is downloaded, using TuneLink is as easy as Plug, PAR, play, share! ™ Innovation is at the heart of TuneLink and many features in the hardware and software application has never been attempted before.

In addition to providing comfort and quality, tune addresses driver safety link, keeping users focused on the road. "New Potatoes hot button topic deals with the distraction in front of the link receiver. It plays music to your existing Bluetooth headset when a call comes in when the call is completed, the link back to the tune of Reading your music. Quarter Bluetooth are all done without the user having to do anything. It's good that you never miss a call or a melody and you do all this without taking your eyes off the road, "explains Rick Case, vice president of sales for new potatoes.

Unlike existing solutions car audio that connect one device, the link grant "Share" feature, allowing multiple users to connect to the same air link device and play their music wirelessly through the speakers the same car.

Features 2.1 TuneLink fast charging port to enable users to connect and charge your iPhone, iPod touch, or go to the iPad. The innovative technology that cancels out "Humbuster"noise in New potatoes to ensure that users experience the highest possible quality of sound when using TuneLink. In an industry where real innovation has been lacking, TuneLink provides users with features and quality that makes it unique and sets the bar for car audio experience.

"In our view, a great car solution should be heard and not seen. We have created TuneLink to be small, portable and stealthy to serve this vision. We have delivered a high fidelity Bluetooth car audio solution with new innovations such as automatic reconnect, our audio sharing modes, and our exclusive Humbuster noise eliminator that will dazzle and delight even the most discriminating audiophile," says Stuart Ross, CEO of New Potato.

Tunisian link works with any Bluetooth A2DP, iPhone, iPod touch models and IPAD. For more information on TuneLink, please visit