Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Acer to Introduce Windows, Android-Supported Tablets

Acer executives introduced on Tuesday that next year,they plan to release tablet computers that run on Windows and Android.

The leading manufacturer of computers announced that theyare preparing for the release of three tablet computers that run on Android andone with Windows operating system (OS). They are also planning to introduce aportable computer that looks like a laptop but with a second touch screen forkeyboard. These products highlight Acer’s dedication to touch screentechnology.

One of the devices Acer will sell next year has aQualcomm dual-core 1 GHz processor and a 10-inch screen. This gadget supportsFlash player with its 1080 pixel high-definition video. Android tablets comewith a 7-inch model, and a 5-inch mini tablet. The release depends mainly onGoogle’s upcoming Android 3.0 OS.

The tablet called Iconia has two 14-inch screens that runon Windows 7 with Acer’s touch screen technology. The primary screen will showcontent, whereas the bottom screen is for navigation. The screens arecustomizable to be able to view a whole web page. Both screens can be resizedto meet the need of the users.

Acer, recently demonstrated in a press event in New Yorkthe Clear.Fi. This service allows home users to share files across differentdevices they use. Acer announced that this service will be available in thenext six months.

In the same event, Acer also introduced Alive, anotherservice provided by Acer. Alive is a media service that enables users todownload and stream media such as songs, movies, books, applications and games.The U.K. and Italy will have a chance to subscribe to this service in December.The U.S. will experience the convenience from this service early next year.Alive’s initial offering consists of eight million songs, 2,000 movies and1,500 music videos. There are also some games and applications for downloading.