Monday, November 22, 2010

Apple releases iOS 4.2 for iPhone & iPad

The IOS software upgrade is update that provides multitasking capabilities of the iPhone IPAD was arrive on Monday with a bonus: free use of the Apple gadget track "Find my iPhone" feature.

IOS 4.2 finally brings the iPad on par with the iPhone and iPod Touch, both of which have had the opportunity to exchange third-party applications last summer.

Update also adds the application folders to a single e-mail, threaded messaging and TV rental from the iTunes iPad litany of activities and support for Game Center platform for social game of Apple.

IPhone and iPod Touch already won the support Game Center, TV rental, HDR photography (4 for iPhone) and the ability to download HD videos on YouTube and MobileMe 4.1 update iOS in September, while that multitasking, records and unified inbox iOS reached 4.0.

IPAD was left with IOS 3.2.2 - so far, anyway. IOS after 4.2 update, IPAD, iPhone and iPod Touch on a footing of equality, Apple promises.

Besides making the iPad the speed iOS other Apple devices, the new software update adds several new features - including Airplay, which lets you stream videos, music and photos on the new Apple TV, or streaming audio to AirPort Express connected speakers or third party systems and AirPlay AirPrint support for wireless printing.

In addition to the IOS version 4.2 (which would be set to go live on Apple servers, at 10 am PT), Apple also announced that Find My iPhone - a key element of the $ 99 per year MobileMe - is now free for all iPhone, iPod Touch, or IPAD runs on IOS 4.2.

Find my iPhone allows you to monitor the loss of the device IOS Find my iPhone or MobileMe website. The map shows the approximate location of the rebel gadget, and you can also alert the user to send the message (like "Lost!" And your phone number) to the monitor, or even block or delete from the remote device is missing.

In the fine print of its IOS 4.2 Apple Web page, you must first enable Find My iPhone iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch or fourth generation to get free access to the service. Once done, you can use your username and password to activate the iPhone to find my old generation of iPhones and iPod Touch support iOS 4.2.

To get the 4.2 upgrade IOS iPhone, iPad Touch or a system of fire in iTunes, select the device and click on the iTunes interface Check for Updates button, a pop-up should be displayed when asked to install the update.