Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Tain Way

Have you ever read the book that talks about 1,000 places you should see before you die?  I had it but can’t for the life of me remember where I put it.  The point is that one of the things I remember reading about in that book was the Tain Way.  When I first saw the sign for this in Ireland this time it immediately rang a bell in my head.  Seeing it with my own eyes and walking along it let me know exactly why it’s something everyone should see at least once.  Walking is one of my favorite past times anyway but add a spectacular scenery and you’ve got a wonderful concoction.  We have far more cows then sheep from what I’ve seen here in Montana so the sheep provided a nice break from what I am used tonot to mention the stone houses and hedgerows that were totally unique to me.  I love how walking along this path would often bring me to a break in the endless hedges to see scenes like this…it’s so very peaceful!  Many of the homes in this area appeared to be restored homes that were very beautiful.  The rolling hills in this area were far smaller than the mountains of our state but they still had a spectacular majesty about them.  The winding roads made me somewhat nervous in that an occasional car would come by leaving someone that was waling little place to go.  I love the white and yellow blossoms of the Irish countryside!  The constant rain and cool temperatures made life spring from the unlikeliest of places.  It could often be very cloudy but nothing could be more wonderful then seeing the sun break through and shine on the hillside!  I know that green, white and yellow seem to be the most prevalent colors but there were other colors in the mix too .  Even our house provided a place for vines to grow.  This is a side view of the house we rented.  It was called “the Swallows” and the owners were more than gracious…it’s a wonderful place!  This is the back door we used most often since the car was parked back here.  I don’t think I could ever get tired of walking this road.  This ram had the deepest voice I have ever heard!  This was what I always dreamed the Irish countryside would be!  This ram was anything but sheepish!  Is this Irish attitude or what?  The ladies of the harem where much nicer!  Sometimes I found myself waiting for a Hobbit to come out and greet me…doesn’t this look like the set for “The Lord of the Rings”?  I suppose you’ve heard of the black sheep of the family…well, here it is!  Oh how I love the Tain way!  It’s spectacular beauty will ever be in my heart.  I will never forget this place!  The steep climb of this walk was always worth the view.  Yes, they certainly do have cowsin fact they thought we were the weird ones.  Gabby tried very hard to make friendsbut the three stooges wouldn’t moooove!  They certainly know how to relax don’t they?  After seeing scenes like this I felt more than just relaxed, I felt the peace of God so strongly.  The flowers know no discrimination!  Stay tuned!  Next week I’ll be showing the other side of the Tain Way.  We will be leaving town for a few days for a wedding my wife is photographing.  Six hours away but it should be a nice break from the usual.  We then have some camping trips to look forward to.  After the bear attacks I’m very glad we will be in a cabin and not hiking deep into the forest but for sure I’ll be getting some new pictures!  God bless you all, have a wonderful week!