Friday, July 29, 2011

Exploring the Glens

We came home from our trip a day early since Lovely had to go to work a bit earlier than we first expected.  It was a fantastic journey and as always it brought peace to us.  I love our state so very much.  I may gripe about the cold winters but all in all I’d never want to live elsewhere.  We did get to see a bear about two hundred yards from our cabin.  It was a very large black bear that was happily munching on something.  We watched it for about fifteen minutes and then it meandered off over the hill it had been sitting on.  I got nearly 100 pictures which I will begin to share once I finish my series on Ireland.  We are only going to be home for a week then be off to a new cabin that we’ve never seen and be gone once again for five days.  I hope to get even more pictures from that and share them too.  We are rapidly approaching our trip to the Philippines.  We will not see fall this year since we’ll be there in the tropics for two months…unlike many that have had terrible heat and humidity we have had a very pleasant summer…fall has nothing for me really and winter certainly doesn’t. 


Ireland is a place of mystery and history.  This time we explored much more of the countryside and that filled us all with wonder.  Actually it could really remind me of sights I’ve seen in Oregon.  I often find myself drawn to Macro mode on my camera.  I’m not a very technical photographer…I love angles that are interesting to me and shots that somehow speak to me.  Sometimes it strikes a chord in my own heartother times it just seems beautiful to me for reasons I cannot explain.  I am not at all interested in bragging rights for any picture.  Rather I love to share the experience and let people feel what they may from viewing these pictures.  Nothing could thrill me more than hearing someone say that they feel they are there when seeing these pictures.  I desire to share these experiences with any that are interested.  I want it to reach out so much that you can hear the sheep bleatand imagine looking on these things with your own eyes .  Can you feel the sense of familiarity yet at the same time wonder?  That’s what I felt when seeing these things.  Most of all I feel a sense of gratitude to God for letting me see these things with those I love the most.  I’m a simple person involved in God’s great plan.  Do you know you too are part of something bigger than yourself?  Thing in this life deceive and try to convince you that you’re alone and don’t matter but this is not true.  You are living because of divine providence.  Work in the field of life you find yourself in.  Remember that the greatest struggles life brings are all about your faith and you are not alone in this struggle.  We may live in different places and be going through things that are different on the surface but underneath it all we are together in this war over our faith.  May you continue to bear good fruit through the struggles you endureand may that fruit ever be pleasing to God.