Saturday, May 7, 2011

the way it's always been...

the way it's always been © margaret griswold-scheiding

there is no way to know
how many nights she spent
wide awake and listening
as i slept warm with fever
fitful and restless

how many days she spent
worrying and wondering
pondering uncertain futures
hoping only for the best
knowing nothing’s guaranteed

when she could not see me
did she wonder and worry
imagine danger in the shadows
or were her thoughts serene
trusting and steady

i think i understand in part
for I worry after my own
wonder and hope for the best
know there are still no guarantees
and the world is no easier

perhaps this is the way it must be
the way it’s been from the beginning
a mother’s worries and wonderings
are seldom realized and her mind knows
but her heart never really does