Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthers, Truthers and Now Deathers…What Next?

I have to admit I didn’t think I’d see the day when they caught and/or killed OBL.  I think that the events that followed are far more typical.  There has been controversies that have surrounded so many things over the years whether that be the JFK assassination to things surround Hitler and even aliens…let’s not forget the many controversies around religion as well…ugh, I could go on forever.  We’ve had those that believe Obama wasn’t born in this country, those that feel Bush helped blow up the trade center towers and now a whole slew of people that won’t believe Osama is truly dead.  For me I truly believe he’s dead and gone, I don’t believe our government blew up the trade centers nor do I doubt Obama was born in this country…oh yeah, and most important of all I believe Jesus Christ is the son of the living God who died for our sins and rose again from the dead that all who believe on Him and confess His name shall be saved.  Just thought I’d clear that up.  Mostly I feel that the passing of OBL or other evil men means little in the big scheme of things.  I believe this will show that nobody can hide, nobody is invulnerable to justice…the day will come when it comes knocking on your door and you will have to face it no matter who you are or who you think you are.  Kudos to the military for what they’ve done.  The thing is I believe that above this is the importance that we remember what it is to be as Christians…as Americans…there is a conflict of purposes in this world…it’s far bigger than a threat to our things that we’ve obtained in this life…it’s our liberties that are threatened.  We must fight to keep our purpose in life alive and not forget our neighbor in these times…or neighbor being whoever we come in contact with.  We must keep our faith and not allow anything or anyone to take this away from us.  Remind yourself daily what you really believe in and what you stand for and live accordingly.  I will never bow to those things that rob us of who God has meant us to be nor will I lose my humanity when it comes to treatment of my neighbor because if I lose that I lose my humanity.  Ignorance and hate walks the globe in a manner unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  I will fight this until the day I die.  There, that was all free today!  LOL!


I can hardly believe that we leave for Ireland a week from today.  It will be a very early departure for us which doesn’t bless me too much.  I’m glad to go and believe strongly in our mission and that gives strength to carry on.  This is not a simple sight seeing trip or vacation.  There’s much to do and I so much appreciate your prayers and support.  I’m excited to meet our dear friends there again and to be able to minister once again in Ireland.  The pastor there is actually from Ghana and he ministered with us while we were in Ghana.  Our relationship with him and our dear friend Ade and Festus is strong and are very excited to see what God will do.  Our weather is finally starting to look more like spring.  at least during the day but in the evenings we’ve yet to have a low above forty.  The sunsets are getting more beautiful at last.  I love to see this again.  Seeing pine needles dipped in the gold of a wonderful Montana sunset still grips me and fills me with wonder at God’s remarkable creation!  My walks have gotten decidedly more pleasant as well.  The hues of the sky and the sound of Western Meadow Larks is a positive delight.  No matter what any may say I find that these things reinforce my believe in God…the author of all these things I witness with my own eyes.  Those that do not believe I do not condemn though I will do what I can to live a life that testifies in what I believe that this might shine as brightly as the sun that God has made.  We can be trees of righteousness every bit as real as the trees we see every day and like them I choose to lead a life that glorifies God.  If I screw up I will not be discouraged because by His grace I will rise again and be stronger than before.  Life is so much bigger than my own little world.  I never travel abroad, pray for another person or see someone else without being reminded of this truth.  This likely will be my last post since we leave next week.  I will be off the grid as far as I know but hope to return to share some nice pictures and some stories from Europe.  God bless and keep you all!