Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There is no excuse -

 Horse 20percent

Going to Willcox today I see a horse standing next to a barb wired fence not too far from the road. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to turn around and go see if what I really saw … was what I really saw. I was almost in tears and then became furious. I took some pictures with the intentions of coming home and reporting this horse. I pulled the truck up to turn around on a small dirt road. I noticed a mailbox there with a name and address number on it. I later jotted them down. Then I saw an older man coming down the road. I put the passenger side window down to ask him if he owned horses. He said he did. I told him there was a horse standing at the fence a few paces back and that it was very malnourished looking. I asked him if it was his horse. He was hard of hearing so I had to repeat everything. He fumbled with words for a bit and told me he did have some horses. Then he asked if the one I saw was out of the fence. He told me that he did have one horse that just wouldn’t eat. I hate to say this, not knowing anything about this man, but I didn’t feel like he was being completely honest. I’m not the type who likes moseying around in everyone's business. But I cant just see a horse (or any animal for that matter) looking like it is starving to death and not do something. So yes, I called the humane society who had me call the Willcox police department who in turn gave me a number that deals with dead or mistreated livestock. I just got a call back from a woman there who needed more information and wanted me to send her a few of the pictures I took. Hopefully someone will do something for this horse and I pray it isn’t too late.