Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photo Art and Plug-ins


1st photo - Marigold in a pot on our deck.

2nd photo -I used the VM Natural plug-in. Set on the Splash effect. Then I used the Texturizer plug-in. Set on 'Sandstone’ to give the photo a bit of a rough texture.
Maximillian Art

1st photo - Maximilian bush in our yard.

2nd photo – For the life of me I can’t remember what plug-in I used to create the effect on this one. I know it’s a ‘Glass’ effect of some sort. I made the mistake of not writing it down before creating this post. It’s neat looking though huh?
Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon Art
1st photo – Rose of Sharon flower from our Rose of Sharon bush. Which was given to  me by my sister several years ago. The bush bloomed beautifully this year.  :)

2nd photo – This was made with one of my newest plug-ins. The plug-in is called Virtual Photographer and I used the ‘Shoebox’ effect. I’m really liking the effects this plug-in creates.

Click to enlarge each photo to see the details better.
*The art was created in PhotoShop CS5. The plug-ins can be downloaded for free and can be used in both PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro. I know this because I have both programs.  ;)

The plug-in VM Natural can be download here -
The plug-in Virtual Photographer can be downloaded here -
*(when you install Virtual Photographer it will be listed as “optikVerve Labs” on your plug-ins list)