Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black Eyed Susan

Bought myself some Black Eyed Susan while in Walmart yesterday. And a large pot to put them in.  Don’t they put a smile on your face?

I’ve had some of the solid black bumble bees for a while now but haven’t seen many of the yellow and black ones. Notice the bee tongue in the bottom photo going into the flower. I don’t have a Macro Lens but can’t wait to get my hands on one! So I can get better up close pictures.

When I took this photo one of the birds had already fledged the nest. I climbed the ladder to get a picture of the last two before they took flight. They didn’t look none to happy to see my camera in their face so I backed off after a firing a couple shots. Mom, Dad and all three babies are still alive and here in our yard.  :)

Click on the photos to BIGIFY. I Googled and was surprised to see that’s actually a word! lol.