Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Microsoft's KIN1 and KIN2 phones

Are you on facebook all the time? Do you love listening to music and take pictures and upload them on facebook to share it with your friends?

Well, seems like Microsoft is out with its two phones which are completely targeted towards someone like you, who is very social and someone who would want a gadget that helps keep in touch with your friends wherever you are, all the time!

Windows Phone 7 is the mobile operating system which is used in both the phones – KIN1 and KIN2.

“If you are focused on social connection, self expression and a digital life, how do you bring that to a phone?” says Robbie Bach, president for entertainment and devices division at Microsoft. “As we were working on Windows Phone 7, we decided we had an opportunity to go after this social group of people?”

What’s common between KIN 1 and 2?
Well, both these phones come with a made to touch screen that helps you use your fingers to pan, scan and zoom. They are powered by zune’s media player.

What’s the difference between KIN 1 and 2?
  1. KIN 1: A compact keyboard for one-handed texting. KIN 2: An ample keyboard for two-handed texting.
  2. KIN 1: a 5MP camera. KIN 2: a 8MP camera.
  3. KIN1: Mono speakers. KIN2: Stereo speakers.
  4. KIN1: 4GB. KIN2: 8GB.