Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is it the E-ink newspaper or the iPaper?

No more shouting at your pet dog cause he chewed up you newspaper. No more getting hit by the newspaper boy who directly aimed the roll of newspaper at your face :). No more piling up newspapers in the garage cause here is the E-ink concept which might just have the newspapers fade away!

Now, a couple of weeks back I had mentioned about a SEIKO’s e-ink display watch where the e-ink technology was explained. Using the similar concept here is a newspaper that uses E-ink with a semi-transparent surface which creates a display on a surface that looks just like a newspaper, but won’t leave any black ink residue on your hands.

Here is the THEME of this gadget: 
A device that truly considers the daily scenarios of our audience as they engage with news content.

Check out the demo video: