Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hawk On A Nest or Not?

Hawks Nest 060

There’s a couple of dead trees along this area of Kansas Settlement Road. I’m always on the lookout for them because I’ve seen this one lone nest in this dead tree for a long time. I was pretty sure it was a hawks nest at one time but not positive. I’ve often wondered if I’d be lucky enough to see a hawk nesting on it. I drove past it on my way home from Willcox without really looking at it but out of the corner of my eye a little spot in the nest caught my attention. I kept on going since I had already passed it. But WHAT was that little spot? Am I missing the opportunity to see a hawk on this nest? I couldn’t stand it anymore so I turned the truck around and went a mile back. I’m in flip-flops and there’s mesquites all along this road. Those nasty things are full of thorns and they hurt when they grab a hold of you. There’s also a barbed wire fence I wont be able to sneak over with flip-flops on. and oh yeah, lets not forget about the rattle snakes! As soon as I opened the truck door and looked down there was a 4 foot long snake skin there! Gotta keep an eye out on those boogers too! Ok, so I start taking pictures and I’m still not sure what I’m seeing in the nest  … It’s just too far out there for me to tell and I was purposely making a racket to see if I could get any movement on the nest. Much to my dismay, it never moved once. I had myself convinced it was just a piece of wood sticking out but I continued to take a bunch of pictures anyways. You know, just in case.  ;)

Hawk on nest

I Got home and downloaded them to the computer. I swear I think I’m seeing a hawks tail end there! I can’t believe my eyes! I’ll leave it up to you though … what do you think? Is this a hawks rump or do you think it’s something else? Hopefully I’ll get to see activity on the nest next time I’m going back to Willcox.


A couple of photos of different hawks from previously …

Hawk Hawk2 5  6 7