Saturday, May 22, 2010

Proxy 2

Have you had problems with your computer and not been able to resolve the issue? Well, here is Proxy Networks, Inc., a leading provider of remote desktop software and remote collaboration software for help desk technicians, network administrators and IT managers. The software – PROXY Pro 7 which includes Remote Access software to reach PCs anywhere, anytime basically helps in resolving support issues collaboratively and to monitor and repair PC’s in real-time.

There are three editions from which you can choose from based on your requirements:
  • PROXY Pro 7 Workstation Edition – This uses a peer-to-peer remote desktop connection model and is ideal for small to medium networks.
  • PROXY Pro 7 Gateway Edition - uses a hub-and-spoke network model and is Ideal for larger networks and for networks with many PCs outside corporate domain
  • PROXY Pro 7 Screen Recording Edition – This includes screen recording server software and integration tools to capture the screen displays of large pools of PCs simultaneously and is ideal for call centers interested in auditing and quality management solutions
At this point you might be wondering about the protection and security of your computer and if it is a good idea to have someone access your computer remotely. Well, the PROXY Pro 7 Workstation Edition uses strong authentication and fine-grained permissions to ensure that only authorized technicians can access remote computers. In addition, state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption ensures that all communications are private and secure.