Thursday, July 31, 2008

Check your Bills IQ now!!

Do you want to know if you are financially fit? Well, here is a way you can find out. It’s the BillsIQ test which tells you if you are financially fit and if not, it helps you to keep yourself financially healthier and ways to improve you final score.

When I took the Bills IQ test, my score was close to 65% which means that I need some help.

The test basically asks you to answer various questions about how you pay your bills and what is the amount of debt you have. By paying off high interest credit cards first you could be closer to achieve Debt relief.

Bills IQ had some great suggestions on how to turn around the miserable score. As of now, things are financially tight and I did learn that there has to be a plan for my finances which should not only be a “mental plan” but should have a budget of some sort which gives me a better grip over my financial future.

You may have an overwhelming credit card debt or may have recently bought a house. Whatever it is, if you want to become financially fit and see how you score on the Bills IQ test head over to their website and see for yourself!